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Faster Results

Experience personalized one-on-one care with Sara Becker, PT, DPT at Releaseology in Tempe and Chandler, AZ. Discover the power of hands-on manual therapy techniques, including dry needling, stretch therapy, and neurokinetic therapy (NKT), designed to release pain and dysfunction, enhance fitness performance, improve mobility, and elevate overall function.
No referral required – take the first step towards comfort and pain relief today!

Releaseology prioritizes efficiency and results. By targeting the root causes of physical issues, Sara aims to correct the problem in as few sessions as possible. This not only reduces the financial burden on patients but also minimizes the disruption to their daily lives.

No Referral Needed.



Thank you for all your support and positive energy. We appreciate everythng you have done to help our father towards his goal of independency.

M Family

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